Badge making process

       Badge making process includes stamping, die-casting, hydraulic, corrosion, etc., among which stamping and die-casting are more common. Coloring process includes enamel (cloisonne), hard enamel, soft enamel, epoxy, printing, etc. And the materials of badges include zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, iron, silver, gold and other alloy materials.

  • Part 1

    Stamping badges: The materials used for stamping badges are copper, iron, aluminum, etc., so they are also called metal badges. The most choice is copper badges, because copper is softer and the lines pressed out are the clearest, so the price of copper is more expensive.

  • Part 2

     Die-cast badges: Zinc alloys are usually used for die-cast badges. Because of the low melting point of zinc alloy materials, they can be injected into the mold after high temperature, which can make complex and difficult embossed hollow badges.

How to distinguish between zinc alloy and copper badges

  • Zinc Alloy: Lightweight, beveled and smooth
  • Copper: Have the traces on the bevel, and the volume is heavier than the zinc alloy

Generally zinc alloy fittings are riveted, and the copper fittings are soldered and silver.

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