Customized Epoxy Coated Keychain Metal Key Chains

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Category: Personalized keychain, metal keychain
Material: Zinc Alloy
Model: Epoxy -2
Coloring: Customized sticker
Plating: Nickel
Size: Customized
Thickness: 2-5mm
Accessories: 30mm flat ring
Sample lead time: 5-7 days
Production lead time: 10 days
Free Design: 1 day (2D/3D)

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* Customized Epoxy Coated Keychain Metal Key Chains


Customized Badge Description


Zinc Alloy, Brass, Iron, Stainless Steel and so on


Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Offset Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Die Struck, Transparent Color, Stained Glass and so on


2D, 3D, Double Side and Other Custom Shape


Nickel Plating, Brass Plating, Gold Plating, Copper Plating, Silver Plating, Rainbow Plating, Double Tone Plating and so on

Back Side

Smooth, Matte, Special Pattern


PE Bag, Opp Bag, Biodegradable OPP bag and so on


FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and so on


T/T, Alipay, PayPal

Keychain Tips

Epoxy Process

I. Equipment and materials.

Crystal drops generally use epoxy crystal glue or PU crystal collagen material drops. The basic needs of making crystal drops

Equipment and consumables are: digital display electronic scale, vacuum defoaming machine; Glue platform; Plastic cups for mixing glue, mixing sticks

Plastic glue drip pot, double-sided tape, cleaning agent anhydrous ethanol, baking box, automatic glue drip machine, etc.

Two, the production method is roughly as follows.

1. will prepare all kinds of substrates, such as: printed paper, PVC, plastic trademarks, metal badges into the oven

Preheat treatment at 60 ° C to remove moisture from the surface

2. Place the dehumidified substrate flat on the operating table at the same level and wait for dripping.

3.  according to the dosage, take a clean beaker, accurate measurement, the components of a and b, according to 2:1 (note: each production

The proportion of the manufacturer is not the same, depending on the actual situation) weight proportion mix evenly (must be mixed evenly, otherwise it will

Surface adhesion and delamination with the substrate phenomenon).

4. Then put the mixture into the vacuum drying oven, open the real pump, and remove the bubbles in the mixture under the vacuum state.

5. Take a clean needle tube, inhale the defoamed crystal glue into the needle tube, then measure it and evenly drip it in advance

Good substrate surface, general crystal adhesive layer thickness of 2mm, so that the natural leveling can be (now generally use automatic glue drip machine. and

The above process is controlled within 30 minutes, so as not to increase the viscosity of the glue and cause the operation.

6, the substrate in the crystal glue drops 3-5 minutes, observe whether there are bubbles or dust particles on the surface, such as small bubbles, can be used pin

Its puncture, if discover the place that dead Angle has not flow crystal glue, extradite with pin can.

7.  pouring good signs, curing 10-24 hours hardening at room temperature of 20 deG C to 30 DEG C, become the surface of the crystal signs

(Baking oven drying is now commonly used).

8.  in case of adhesive, trademark, etc., its thickness is very thin, the line is not obvious, casting, easy to cause crystal glue overflow, to

It is difficult to achieve 2mm thickness, so the grasp of the crystal glue is different, control the viscosity, in the application process, can be placed

1-2 hours to improve viscosity, suitable for casting of thin crystal glue. If it is made of more than 2mm thick crystal glue signs, can be divided into two times

Drop plastic, after the first drop plastic, curing 3-5 hours, drop another layer.

9. Cleaning after glue dropping, whether manual glue dropping or automatic glue dropping, machinery, equipment and containers should be cleaned after completion.

Because the crystal glue hardened, insoluble in any solvent, so it must not harden before the machine, containers need to be cleaned (general

Use acetone or anhydrous alcohol).

With a few steps, the crystal drops are made. Crystal glue is very common in nameplate making, it is not only

Can be made separately finished products, but also other nameplate production or badge production auxiliary process. For example, on some name tags (printed badges,

Paint badge, etc.) add a layer of glue to protect, can make the product more beautiful.

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